A short devotion for the day: God Knows!

God knows! We have an understanding God, who is tender toward our weakness, and able to save us to the uttermost.

Read: Hebrews 4:9-16

Hebrews 4:15 “For we have not an high priest who cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities.”

God knows!

We say it about many things which puzzle us. That is all we have to say about a lot of life’s perplexities. God knows!

And what a comfort it ought to be to us that He does! He knows everything, knows some things about us which we do not know ourselves. He knows the future, the beginning and the end.

Think of all the pain and trouble which God went to, to know and understand us. He became incarnate. He took upon Him our human flesh. He got acquainted with all our human frailty and infirmity. That is the best account that anyone can give of Jesus, there on the Gospel pages: Jesus was God, learning what it means to be a mortal, letting Himself be touched with the feeling of man’s infirmity, tempted as men are, yet never sinning.

God knows! We have an understanding God, who is tender toward our weakness, and able to save us to the uttermost. And although God is busy with His wholesale transactions, managing a universe. He is also ready to do a retail business with every trusting soul. And therefore we can say. Just as I am, I come.

O Heavenly Father, so rule our minds and hearts that we may not do anything to add to the sorrow of this world but rather with faith and patience to brighten the places where we live and toil; in Christ’s Holy Name. Amen.

From John Henry Harms. The Victory of Faith Ebook available at no cost from The Lutheran Library Publishing Ministry

About John Henry Harms

John Henry Harms graduated from Newberry College in 1893 and from the Gettysburg Lutheran Theological Seminary in 1897. His brother, John Edward also graduated from the Gettysburg Seminary and was a Lutheran preacher. His first call was to Trinity Lutheran Church in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, serving there until 1900.

In 1900 he accepted a call from the Newport (Perry County, Pennsylvania) Lutheran Charge. He was installed 12/2/1900 by Rev. W. M. B. Glanding at St. Paul’s, Newport. After a short stay of eighteen months, he was called to Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Harrisburg.

In 1902, he was awarded an A. M. by Newberry College.

In the summer of 1908, he was notified by telegram of his election to the presidency of Newberry College. He accepted the call and served until 1918. During this period, in 1912, he received his D. D. from Erskine College, Due West, South Carolina.

In 1918, he began his work at the Lutheran Church of the Holy Communion in Philadelphia. He was to continue in this call for 27 years, resigning in 1945.

During this pastorate he also served as the president of the Board of Publications of the United Lutheran Church. And, in 1945, received a Litt. D. from Newberry College.

He was the author of at least two books: The Victory of Faith: Devotions for the Lenten Season" and “From Day to Day: Book of Daily Devotions.

Rev. Harms passed away at his home in Philadelphia after a long illness.1

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Alec Satin
Alec Satin

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