Nearer My God To Thee - Titanic (1953)

Sarah Flower Adams was a Shakespearean actress in 19th century England. When failing health kept her from acting, she began to write hymns.

Nearer, My God, to Thee is based on the dream of Jacob in Genesis 28.11. It’s passionate, decisive, and is said to have been sung in the closing minutes before the Titanic went down.

Lord, bless all who seek you today with all heavenly blessings in Christ Jesus. Amen.


Here’s the heart-rending clip from Titanic (1953):

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   Nearer, my God, to Thee, nearer to Thee!
   E'en though it be a cross that raiseth me,
   Still all my song shall be, nearer, my God, to Thee.
   Nearer, my God, to Thee,
   Nearer to Thee!
   Though like the wanderer, the sun gone down,
   Darkness be over me, my rest a stone.
   Yet in my dreams I'd be nearer, my God to Thee.
   There let the way appear, steps unto Heav'n;
   All that Thou sendest me, in mercy given;
   Angels to beckon me nearer, my God, to Thee.
   Then, with my waking thoughts bright with Thy praise,
   Out of my stony griefs Bethel I'll raise;
   So by my woes to be nearer, my God, to Thee.
   Or, if on joyful wing cleaving the sky,
   Sun, moon, and stars forgot, upward I'll fly,
   Still all my song shall be, nearer, my God, to Thee.
   There in my Father's home, safe and at rest,
   There in my Savior's love, perfectly blest;
   Age after age to be, nearer my God to Thee.
Alec Satin
Alec Satin

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