Redefining Evangelical Christianity - A Great Message from Pastor Bob DeWaay [Video]

“This video begins with a 2018 update on the appeal we [Rev. Bob DeWaay] had made to Rick Warren to preach Christ. This appeal was obviously rejected because he continues to preach his unbiblical, man-centered message.

The Occult Danger of a Marianne Williamson Presidency [Video]

Author and speaker Warren B Smith and Ben Kinchlow (700 Club, 1993) discuss Warren’s testimony, book (The Light That Was Dark), and Helen Schucman’s–A Course in Miracles. “Some of the things that Warren discusses in this talk include the following:

Side effects of Tarot Reading

I converted to Christianity as a teenager. But the spiritual search continued. I practiced astral projection, became a skilled astrologer, and began to read tarot. I justified what I was doing as “service to others”, and felt superior to anyone who might judge me.

The dark side of 'No Creed but Christ'

“…there are today so many churches with an attitude of great indifference to a creed, or a confessional standard, as meaning a real obligation for teaching. There is in the atmosphere today among the churches a dislike for “confessionalism.

How much of the New Testament was written by Paul?

“A Christian pastor said, I’ve never liked Paul. What are his epistles? They are just letters to people. We only have the one side of them, so we have to guess what he’s talking about anyway.

The Shack - William Paul Young and Aleister Crowley [Video]

In 2007 William Paul Young published a novel called The Shack. To date more than 20 million English language copies have been sold. The book has been recommended by evangelicals and non-Christians.

Are these Christians or false converts? [Video]

College students talk with a gospel preacher named James outside of Bill Johnson’s Bethel Redding Church in Redding, California. They’ve just attended a “miracle service” officiated by Benny Hinn. This strange short video raises many questions:

20 Ways To Tell If Your Pastor Is Apostate

It’s likely there is no harder job than the ministry. The point of this list is not to find reasons to pick on your pastor. You should love and pray for your minister.

What's so awful about 'Red Letter Christians' and the 'Jesus Hermeneutic'?

Over the past few weeks I’ve been figuratively cleaning off the bottoms of my shoes after stepping into multiple controversies with people who seem to be following different gospels than my own.

Did Jesus Calling get it wrong about Abraham?

Not so long ago a dear Christian friend of mine dropped a derogatory description of Abraham, stating that he was less than a noble, God-fearing, honorable man. This disturbed me greatly.