The Blessing of Despair

It’s easy to be discouraged, and even to fall into despair sometimes. Yet in these darkest times, we can choose to remember the goodness and faithfulness of our Father, the one true God who made you, and cares for you.

For all the saints who from their labors rest

One of the great songs from the Lutheran Hymnal. The golden evening brightens in the west, Soon, soon, to faithful warriors cometh rest, Sweet is the calm of Paradise the blest.

Does God Care?

The secret of hope in believing souls everywhere is that God does care. This is the one great truth that God has been striving through all the generations to have men believe.

When Your Soul Craves Rest

If past sins accuse you, with the Savior you can face them calmly, even the unmentionable, black transgressions you hardly dare admit… “All else must fail; yet when your soul craves rest, you can find peace – and may God’s Spirit help you believe this truth!

God is Full of Enthusiasm

God not only rules Christians; He rules the universe. “In Him we live, and move, and have our being,” whether we are children of God, or an Alexander the Great. In Him we live, and move and have our being, whether we are the apostle Paul, or some scientist.

God Knows How to Lead You Out

Are we any better than Adam and Eve were? Go back with me this morning to that beautiful paradise of Eden, where every flower bloomed before the face of the God who gave it, and where every flower threw out its aroma into the nostrils of the perfect man and woman.

On What Has Now Been Sown

Dear Lord, “Oh, grant that each of us now met before Thee here, may meet together thus when Thou and Thine appear. And, follow Thee to heaven, our home. E’en so, Amen, Lord Jesus, come!

Jesus Lover of my Soul - Hymn by Charles Wesley

There are several general favorites among English hymns which are used by practically all Christians. We know the hymns so well that we forget the writers and merely appropriate and sing what they wrote.

Come ye thankful people come

According to an online website specializing in hymns, Come ye thankful people come appears in 608 hymnals. On the one hand it’s a song of gratitude to the Lord for the food provided in this year’s harvest.

Ride on, Ride on, in Majesty

You may never have lived in a world free of suffering. But if you are Christ’s, you will. His one-time and ultimate triumph over death is summed up in the last verse of Henry Milman’s hymn…