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A Good Collection of Scriptures for Daily Family Devotions

Over at the Lutheran Library [a ministry which publishes Biblically sound ebooks at no charge for Christians of all denominations - check them out] - the editor has released a compact list of daily Scripture passages for family devotions.

The Blessing of Cheerfulness

We are set in this world to be happy. We should not falter in our great task of happiness, nor move ever among our fellows with shadows on our face when we ought to have sunlight.

The Blasphemous Family of South Dakota

In the near neighborhood of one of my preaching stations, there lived a German family, a father and mother and five children. They never attended services. I had invited them through members, but all in vain.

Morning Prayer for Wednesday from the "Treasury of Prayers"

O ALMIGHTY And merciful God, gracious Father in heaven, Thou hast again, by the protection of Thy ministering spirits, the holy angels, kept me this past night, so that I have lived to see this day in good health and spirits.

Church and State by John Edwin Whitteker

“There is nothing more difficult, these times, than to keep the Church out of politics. And this difficulty is intensified where a Christian principle is at stake… This is not the Church’s work: it is the province of the Church to knock at men’s hearts and get the name of God written there – written there by the blood of the New Covenant…

Philip Melanchthon by Joseph Stump

In the great Reformation of the 16th Century, Melanchthon stands next to Luther alone. Yet he is unknown to many intelligent Christians. “The brilliant intellectual gifts of Melanchthon elicited the unqualified admiration of Luther, Erasmus, and in fact of all his contemporaries.

Justification by Faith by Emanuel Greenwald

The old battles in the church are here again. Perhaps the most important one is not about spiritual gifts for today, but rather what constitutes salvation. Is it all Jesus Christ?

A parable – The Difficulty of Faith

Christian Scriver was a Minister in Magdeburg. In 1671 he published Invisible Things Understood by Things That Are Made, also known as Gotthold’s Emblems. The short book has been beloved for centuries.

Why read Martin Luther?

Many people have opinions about Martin Luther, but few have actually read his words. This small volume includes the Address to the Nobility of the German Nation, Concerning Christian Liberty and On the Babylonian Captivity of the Church.

Why The Reformation? by Emanuel Greenwald

Is the Reformation “Over” as Pope Frances declared? Many evangelical Christians think so. To know for sure, solid knowledge is needed of what happened back then and why, if only to show respect for those brothers and sisters in the faith who gave their lives to uphold their consciences.