Two Kingdoms

Stand and Deliver?

The term “Stand and Deliver” comes from the days of highway robbery in Britain. Drivers were forced to stop. Passengers were ordered to “stand” (outside the coach) and “deliver” (all their valuables).

It Could Happen Tomorrow Morning

Someone asked, could it happen here? The answer is included in the video below. Topics Essential Workers - Grading People Babi Yar The Generated Frenzy of Fear Sacrificing on the Altar of Public Health What’s Happening in Australia and New Zealand Superseding Authority Targeted Messaging to Children (e.

The Occult Danger of a Marianne Williamson Presidency [Video]

Author and speaker Warren B Smith and Ben Kinchlow (700 Club, 1993) discuss Warren’s testimony, book (The Light That Was Dark), and Helen Schucman’s–A Course in Miracles. “Some of the things that Warren discusses in this talk include the following:

Church and State by John Edwin Whitteker

“There is nothing more difficult, these times, than to keep the Church out of politics. And this difficulty is intensified where a Christian principle is at stake… This is not the Church’s work: it is the province of the Church to knock at men’s hearts and get the name of God written there – written there by the blood of the New Covenant…

Jesus Shall Reign Where'er The Sun - Hymn by Isaac Watts

It will add to our appreciation of this hymn to know that on a certain occasion it was used most impressively in the South Sea Isles. “King George, the ruler of the islands, gave his people a new constitution and exchanged the heathen for a Christian form of government.

Schmauk on the two kinds of anti-Christian tyranny

In this passage from great Christian teacher Theodore Schmauk, we see a large part of the underlying conflict going on around us in America. The false choice between authoritarianism or romanticism is no choice at all.

Why I Unsubscribed From My Friend's Blog

Over the last year I’ve steadily stopped following political and economics blogs. The trajectory to a world ruled by the scientific elites clicks on towards an expected end. Table of Contents The land of Reds and blues This demoralized people Christian, stranger That spiritual kingdom Dear Mitchell (name changed),

What is irreverent worship?

In any society a lack of respect for authority taken to its logical extreme will result in a destruction of order and a collapse of the regime. In church worship a lack of reverence will do the same thing.