Get the Word of God Now

Do you read your Bible on your phone? Is there any reason to have a printed copy of the Bible these days? The pastor of Faith to Walk ministries offers these thoughts:

It Could Happen Tomorrow Morning

Someone asked, could it happen here? The answer is included in the video below. Topics Essential Workers - Grading People Babi Yar The Generated Frenzy of Fear Sacrificing on the Altar of Public Health What’s Happening in Australia and New Zealand Superseding Authority Targeted Messaging to Children (e.

The Test Is Not What You Think

It is essential for our peace of mind as Christians that we understand what is real. Part of the enemy’s attack is the sowing of confusion through a preponderance of conflicting information.

What is Luciferase? [sm102]

One of the ingredients in the Covid-19 vaccine is something called Luciferase [also known as sm102]. Yes, this sounds like something from an old Hal Lindsey Rapture book, but it is in fact real.

People Get Ready

A wonderful reminder that everything is in our sweet Lord’s hands. If you’re not on the train, now’s the time to get on. If you’re on the train, it’s not too late to warn, beseech and encourage.

The Spelling Song (S - A - V - E - D)

This happy song was recorded in 1940 by the Blue Sky Boys. Can you catch all of the words spelled? “These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full.

Peace in the Valley

This hymn was recorded by Red Foley in 1951. It was the first gospel recording to sell a million records. The song itself was written by Tommy Dorsey in 1939.

Do You Consent?

Dear Friends: Some people have said that if there is a mandatory Covid vaccine, it will be their “line in the sand” moment. For the non-native English speakers, this expression means a dividing point, beyond which some people will not go.

Two Theories

There Are Two Theories is an award-winning short film about a youthful angel who is presented with mankind for the first time. By Ashton Sterling. Video direct link to video

A Short Comforting Video on Covid 19

Pastor Steve Waldron of New Life Church of Albany gives this 5 minute message on Covid 19. He asks, “How will the events of the past several weeks affect us long term?