The Occult Danger of a Marianne Williamson Presidency [Video]

Author and speaker Warren B Smith and Ben Kinchlow (700 Club, 1993) discuss Warren’s testimony, book (The Light That Was Dark), and Helen Schucman’s–A Course in Miracles. “Some of the things that Warren discusses in this talk include the following:

A Little Good News Today

Some of you will remember this song from 1983. The times were hard in the Eighties, and for many are tough today. But here’s the thing: you and I are witnesses to the good news Anne Murray is asking to hear.

What's the true history of Satan? [Video]

A friend with many years involvement in witchcraft now seeking a better way asked, ‘What’s the real history of Satan? I tried to find it in the Bible but couldn’t find a clear account.

For Non-Christians and other Spiritual Seekers

“There’s something wrong with the world”, said Morpheus to Neo in the famous 1999 film. “The Matrix…has been pulled over your eyes to blind you to the truth.” The Wachowski Brothers get some things wrong.

A lemur [Video]

Lemurs are a type of primate found on Madagascar, an island about 250 miles off the southeastern coast of Africa. The smallest lemurs can fit into the palm of your hand, and weigh about an ounce.

The Shack - William Paul Young and Aleister Crowley [Video]

In 2007 William Paul Young published a novel called The Shack. To date more than 20 million English language copies have been sold. The book has been recommended by evangelicals and non-Christians.

Are these Christians or false converts? [Video]

College students talk with a gospel preacher named James outside of Bill Johnson’s Bethel Redding Church in Redding, California. They’ve just attended a “miracle service” officiated by Benny Hinn. This strange short video raises many questions:

Does Mary actually appear to people? [Video]

What goes on places like Yakima, Washington, Denver, Colorado, and Conyers, Atlanta where apparitions of Mary appear? Is this the Mary of the Bible? “I was upon in Yakima, in Washington State, and there was a big billboard where she had supposedly appeared.

Crow and kitten are friends

Videos like this give us a small picture of what it will be like in the new heavens and the new earth, when all fear is removed from man and animal.

When a dog wants to pet a kitten

This Shiba Inu wants so much to pet this kitten. Watch what happens. Video