21 Days Without Complaining?

A long time ago on a contract far, far away, our PMO (Project Management Organization) lead took us to task. You are all focusing too much on what is wrong here. It’s upsetting our client.

Why don’t you try reframing these risks as opportunities and presenting solutions instead of complaints?

That manager is a true leader.  Her advice has stayed with me.

Complaint Free World

Last month someone sent me a link to Will Bowen’s Complaint Free World campaign.  It reminded me of some of Maria Gajewski’s posts on Changes That Stick.  While waiting for the wristbands to arrive (We’ll see if Lori decides to participate), I decided to start self monitoring for complaints.  Each time I found myself complaining, I restarted at day one.  The highest I’ve reached so far is 3 days before resetting.

Why Complaining Hurts You As a Project Manager

  1. You undermine your leadership.

  2. You are modeling powerlessness.

  3. You are providing inconsistent vision.

In times of fear constancy, clarity and direction are needed if your team is to have hope.  Your team is being bombarded by negative messages.  It’s up to you to provide a touchstone of stability.

Self Assessment

How often do you complain over the course of a day?  Try it.  Take a rubber band and place it on your right wrist.  For the rest of the day, let part of your mind be aware of what you are saying (or typing) to others.  The next time you find yourself griping about anything at all, move the rubber band to your left wrist, and leave it there for the remainder of the day.  If you can get through even one complete day, you are in good shape!

Do you Dare Take the Challenge

Have you taken this Complaint Free World challenge before?

Would you start today?

Are you willing to continue until you reach 21 days of no complaining?

Alec Satin
Alec Satin

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