The Blessing of Cheerfulness

We are set in this world to be happy. We should not falter in our great task of happiness, nor move ever among our fellows with shadows on our face when we ought to have sunlight.

How to be a Real Man - The Men, The Master and the Man - Luke 17:11-19

The world not only needs Christian women, it needs Christian men. Our text today deals exclusively with men, the Master, and the man, and it is my intention, as God shall help me this morning, to show you what the Holy Spirit means to convey to us in this great theme.

What is "a good Christian"?

Question No. 3. What does it take to constitute a good Christian? Answer: That is a very good question. I hardly know how to answer that in a few words, but I would say, to make my answer short, Study the ten commandments until you find out your sins; then flee to Christ and ask His forgiveness.

Why I Unsubscribed From My Friend's Blog

Over the last year I’ve steadily stopped following political and economics blogs. The trajectory to a world ruled by the scientific elites clicks on towards an expected end. Table of Contents The land of Reds and blues This demoralized people Christian, stranger That spiritual kingdom Dear Mitchell (name changed),

What is irreverent worship?

In any society a lack of respect for authority taken to its logical extreme will result in a destruction of order and a collapse of the regime. In church worship a lack of reverence will do the same thing.

Fake tolerance hates

Truly tolerant people understand a fundamental truth: hating people simply because they are different than you is an ugly thing. Table of Contents The acceptable ones The double standard Protected classes create intolerance Scientific shaping of the new Amerika Totalitarian overtones What proponents of the new tolerance demand of Christians The acceptable ones Unfortunately tolerance as a social movement is something very different from live and let live.

The Singing Bus Driver - NYC Transit Authority Bus Hero Richard Teel [Video]

Many years have passed since Richard Teel was profiled on The 51st State, a long-forgotten local interest program about New York City. Here’s the story of a real-life, everyday hero. May he be an inspiration to you, too.

Young women demeaning themselves

It’s a quiet morning at the Target. The long aisles are almost deserted. I’m halfway down the coffee and tea aisle when the sound of a woman cursing into her phone drowns out the Muzak.

21 Days Without Complaining?

A long time ago on a contract far, far away, our PMO (Project Management Organization) lead took us to task. You are all focusing too much on what is wrong here.

How to treat the new guy

It’s happened to you, to me, to all of us. It’s your first day at a new job. How often have you been given the royal treatment? While it’s fine to be simply given a desk and shown the coffee machine and rest room, the best project managers and team leads will go a few steps further to show you that you are valued and welcomed.