God's People Are Everywhere

Yesterday on the plane home I noticed the man next to me reading what appeared to be a large print New Testament in Korean. The leather binding, india paper and chapter numbers in red all seemed very Bible-like.

The Difference Between Reformed Calvinism and Lutheranism

Seems to me that the Reformed emphasis tends to be to look from God down to man, while the (Book of Concord) Lutheran position is to look from our perspective upward, always emphasizing the Scriptures over our own surmisings.

Statement of Faith

Perhaps you’ve found it difficult to find a comfortable place in the visible church. Think of this site as an ongoing resource and source of encouragement. I’m here as a brother in Christ to support you in your faith.

Why I Unsubscribed From My Friend's Blog

Over the last year I’ve steadily stopped following political and economics blogs. The trajectory to a world ruled by the scientific elites clicks on towards an expected end. Table of Contents The land of Reds and blues This demoralized people Christian, stranger That spiritual kingdom Dear Mitchell (name changed),

Social Isolation and the Christian

Christians aren’t supposed to have emotional problems. But some of us do. Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ are just as fallen as other people, though forgiveness (Psalm 103:12) makes hope possible.

The loss of a gay friend

It’s a terrible thing to lose a friend, and especially when there is nothing we can do to remedy the situation. Sometimes we have to lovingly let people go. During the twenty years I was living as a non-Christian my friends were all unbelievers.

Photographs and memories [Video]

I’m neither a picture-taker nor -saver. I’ve always preferred the moment. But I returned home Thursday night with a bag of framed images. And I’m so glad that I did.

Why I stopped reading tarot cards

Tarot was an important part of my life for almost 20 years. I studied it, wrote about it, performed countless readings, and was considered knowledgeable by experts. Here’s why I stopped.

Letter to my dying aunt

Today when I visited you in the hospital, it took all my courage to say, You need to ask God to help you. But I didn’t go far enough. What I wanted to say is written in this letter.

About Richard Alexander Satin

Richard Alexander Satin was a student at Winston Churchill High School in Potomac, Maryland. He graduated from the University of Maryland College Park in 1987, and from Fordham University in 2005.