Carl Bogatzky

The Lord is not far from every one of us

How close and tender the love which the Lord bears to his people! Nothing is so mean as to be overlooked by the providence of God; and scarcely anything is so minute as not to be capable of either injuring or profiting the soul.

Says Jesus, "Follow Me"

“Follow him as the Friend of sinners, who heals the broken in heart, and gives rest to weary souls, and casts out none that come unto him.” The following devotion is from Bogatzky’s Golden Treasury

God's Hand

Christians have their treasures in such a high place, even in God, that no thief can rob them; and they are sure to have enough in God. Thou openest thine hand, and satisfiest the desire of every living thing.

Observing the faults of our neighbor

If we were truly humble, and looked upon ourselves as most miserable sinners, we should willingly submit to all adversities, and patiently bear the burden and infirmities of others, considering that God has borne with us a great deal more.

The Most Toys Wins?

A brief devotion from the 1877 version of Carl Bogatzky’s ‘Golden Treasury for the Children of God’ “If you were to see a man endeavoring, all his life, to satisfy his thirst by holding an empty cup to his mouth, you would certainly despise his ignorance; but if you should see others, of finer understandings, ridiculing the dull satisfaction of one cup, and thinking to satisfy their thirst by a variety of gilt and golden empty cups, would you think that these were ever the wiser, or happier, or better employed, than the object of their contempt?