The Most Toys Wins?

A brief devotion from the 1877 version of Carl Bogatzky’s ‘Golden Treasury for the Children of God’

“If you were to see a man endeavoring, all his life, to satisfy his thirst by holding an empty cup to his mouth, you would certainly despise his ignorance; but if you should see others, of finer understandings, ridiculing the dull satisfaction of one cup, and thinking to satisfy their thirst by a variety of gilt and golden empty cups, would you think that these were ever the wiser, or happier, or better employed, than the object of their contempt?

Turn away mine eyes from beholding vanity, and quicken thou me in thy way. Psalm 119:37.

“Now this is all the difference that you can see in the various forms of happiness caught at by the men of the world. Let the wit, the great scholar, the fine genius, the great statesman, the polite gentleman, unite all their schemes; and they can only show you more, and various empty appearances of happiness; give them all the world into their hands, let them cut and carve as they please, they can only make a greater variety of empty cups; for, search as deep, and look as far as you will, there is nothing here to be found that is nobler or greater than high eating and drinking; than rich dress and human applause; unless you look for it in the wisdom and laws of religion. Reader, reflect upon the vanity of all who live without godliness, that you may be earnest at a throne of grace, to be turned from the creature, and seek for happiness in the Creator. The poorest Christian, who lives upon Christ, and walks in daily fellowship with God, is happier than the richest worldling. Indeed, such only are happy.

– Bogatzky, Carl. Golden Treasury. “October 4”

Alec Satin
Alec Satin

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