Alfred Kinsey and the Children Of Table 34

The theory of childhood sexuality advanced by Alfred Kinsey’s sex researchers has shaped how and when sex education is taught in the United States. It has also influenced the laws against sexual molestation.

The loss of a gay friend

It’s a terrible thing to lose a friend, and especially when there is nothing we can do to remedy the situation. Sometimes we have to lovingly let people go. During the twenty years I was living as a non-Christian my friends were all unbelievers.

Fake tolerance hates

Truly tolerant people understand a fundamental truth: hating people simply because they are different than you is an ugly thing. Table of Contents The acceptable ones The double standard Protected classes create intolerance Scientific shaping of the new Amerika Totalitarian overtones What proponents of the new tolerance demand of Christians The acceptable ones Unfortunately tolerance as a social movement is something very different from live and let live.