Faith in Time of Affliction

“Let us learn from Paul the lesson of a dauntless faith. “Far too many people have only fair-weather faith, but no faith for stormy weather. They build their ship of Christian faith only for smooth seas and clear skies; then, when the tempest rises on the sea of life, the poor vessel goes to pieces and sinks despairingly in the waves.

About Alec Satin

Tell me about yourself, she asks. I belong to Jesus Christ. That’s the most important thing there is to know. Some people seem instinctively to know how to make their way through the world.

Called to Suffer?

“One item more must be mentioned, which seems the hardest step of all.” “For hereunto were ye called; because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example that ye should follow in His steps.

A Prayer for the Sick

…through Thy Son, Jesus Christ, the sick can again rise… A Prayer for The Sick O Heavenly Father, we thank Thee in this morning hour that though sin has come into the world and is bound by Thine own law to bring the body down to death, that Thou art the Word of Life, and that through Thy Son, Jesus Christ, the sick can again rise, and that through Him, those that have sinned may have forgiveness.

Side effects of Tarot Reading

I converted to Christianity as a teenager. But the spiritual search continued. I practiced astral projection, became a skilled astrologer, and began to read tarot. I justified what I was doing as “service to others”, and felt superior to anyone who might judge me.

How was it possible for Jesus to sweat drops of blood?

Hematohidrosis is a real physical phenomenon reported in medical and historical records. The most well-known person to have experienced this is Jesus Christ. It’s common to be worried. Lots of people are up in the night with anxiety about what the next day will bring.

Social Isolation and the Christian

Christians aren’t supposed to have emotional problems. But some of us do. Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ are just as fallen as other people, though forgiveness (Psalm 103:12) makes hope possible.

The loss of a gay friend

It’s a terrible thing to lose a friend, and especially when there is nothing we can do to remedy the situation. Sometimes we have to lovingly let people go. During the twenty years I was living as a non-Christian my friends were all unbelievers.

Photographs and memories [Video]

I’m neither a picture-taker nor -saver. I’ve always preferred the moment. But I returned home Thursday night with a bag of framed images. And I’m so glad that I did.

Abide with me

“Abide with me” is a great Anglican hymn written in 1847 by Henry F. Lyte. It is a comfort not only to sailors and those left at home, but to all those who - touched by the trials and difficulties common to this life - reach out to the One who has promised never to leave nor forsake His own.